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How to Set Calories and Macros for Fat Loss

How to Set Calories and Macros for Fat Loss

How to Set Calories and Macros for Fat Loss

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Calories are the key to fat loss.
You’ll find a lot of morons online saying that no, it’s not calories, it’s cutting carbs, eating more fat, eating clean, not eating in the evening and so on.

In my opinion taking the time to explain why these stupid myths floating around online are stupid is a waste of time. So in this fat loss series we’re going to focus only on what to do, not what not to do.

If you’ve seen my last video you know that I’ve just finished lean bulking, I’m around 12-13% body fat and I want to go down to around 8% over the next few weeks. I’m going to show you how I do it so you can do it too. We start with setting calories and macros.

The first step to fat loss: Setting the deficit.

An energy deficit will produce weight loss no matter what you eat. And to lose fat quickly without affecting your muscle mass, testosterone, or gym performance, you need to have a deficit that is only 20-25% of your maintenance.

Maintenance is the number of calories you need to eat daily to maintain your weight as it is now. It differs a lot between people based on their activity level and bodyweight.

But for most of us, estimating maintenance calories is pretty simple. If you workout 3-4 times a week, are active 1-2 hours a day, and the rest of the time you sit, your maintenance is probably this: your bodyweight in pounds times 15. Or your bodyweight in kilograms times 33.

For me that would be 79 x 33 = 2600 calories

To set a 20% deficit I do 2600 x 0.8 = 2100. If I eat this, I’m going to lose around one pound or half a kilogram of fat every week.

Key point: If you’re interested in losing fat, not just weight, you also need to pay attention to the amounts of protein, fats and carbs you get in those calories.

Protein intake is the most important because it’s what maintains your muscle mass. One author compared a calorie deficit to a lion that wants to eat you. When you’re in a deficit your body burns more amino-acids than usual. So if you can give the lion another piece of meat to eat you’ll get away without any bites.

Now the amount of protein you need to maintain your muscles in a deficit has been grossly exaggerated in the fitness community. The truth is you need around 0.9 to one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, not more. Protein requirements probably increase with the level of leanness, but we don’t want to get stage shredded. To go down to around 8% body fat, 0.9g per pound is more than enough.

Next we have fat intake. Fats are essential for hormonal balance. A lot of guys like to cut fat really hard when they diet because fats are the most energy dense – 9 calories per gram. But they soon find out that they suffer on another level, their testosterone goes down, they lose sex drive and can’t maintain erections.

Not worth it.

Carbs are equally important for testosterone production but they have many other roles as well. Carbs fuel exercise performance. Your ability to maintain strength in a deficit is highly dependent on your carb intake and muscle glycogen levels. You want to diet eating as many carbs as you can.

Here’s something important. You don’t need to track fat and carb intake closely as long as they are balanced. Getting down to 8-10% body fat is not a big deal, you can get there tracking only calories and protein. That’s what I’m going to do.

Just make sure your fat intake is around 20-30% of your total calorie intake and carbs fill up the rest.

So this is your basic fat loss plan:

Have a 20-25% calorie deficit
Get around 1 grams of protein per pound of BW or 2 grams per kg
Fill the rest of the calories with fats and carbs
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